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A lil about us

We are a new business here in Point Pleasant and couldn't be happier to offer this fun & unique service for our neighbors. As pet lovers & owners, we know that sometimes our furry friends need more than the once a month bath. We offer a quick and easy way to incorporate our service into your regular grooming schedule. While some dogs require a little more attention with grooming, some are just in need of a bath! Our tubs are elevated so no more sore back or achy knees. We have safety gates, ramps and harnesses in all bays. We offer a variety of professional shampoos for all dogs' grooming needs. We supply aprons, brushes, combs, and blow dryers.  We have a tub to accommodate large breeds as well. Appointments are as easy as a phone call or online booking. All sessions are 30 minutes. 

Our Team
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